Magama District Earrings Gold
Magama District Earrings GoldMagama District Earrings Gold

District Earrings


This pendant earring is inspired in architecture of the big cities.

Handcrafted in sterling silver with an Italian 24K gold vermeil featuring a central Lapis.

The earrings showcase the MAGAMA signature print in its blue color combination.

  • Length: 60 mm
  • Width: 22 mm
  • Weight: 22 g

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Product Description

The Magama District Earrings

In the world of Magama creativity, journey and culture are three words that are often intertwined. Every journey let us meet new cultures and is through them that we get inspiration to design and create accessories that are artful, architectural and storytellers. Every piece in Magama tells story that begins with art and ends with craftsmanship and quality.

Each piece is handcrafted in Colombia by skilled experts that work one piece at a time, taking into consideration the smallest details. All products are crafted with the highest grade of quality. They utilize precious metals such as 9.25 sterling silver and 24k Italian gold and semiprecious gemstones to give a luxurious element to our jewelry. Gemstones such as lapis, citrine, crystal and smoky quartz pop out in every piece, making the stone a protagonist of design. Gem-setters revive every design by giving radiance of light and fluidity to every material. From pendant earrings to pearl chokers every piece is delicately finished to provide long lasting life and to ensure day-to-day wear will not affect its look.

Magama incorporates a new element to jewelry, an iconic pattern inspired in Latin American tribes and Art deco era. This pattern is meticulously placed with an enamel that elevates and enhances the accessories. Every pattern color combination pays tribute to the stone that is used in each piece.

Magama’s designs are taken from architecture, art and culture from cities in the world like New York, Miami, Paris, Cartagena and Caracas. Artisans translate our designs to jewelry that become statement accessories to customers all over the world. Designs come from a strong historical legacy as well as modern themes that reminiscence a lifestyle of glamour, style and trend.

Magama wants customers to break molds by feeling powerful, trendy, fashionable and confident. Magama’s accessories are for people to stare and become conversation pieces.

Magama is the mark of an interesting soul.

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